Thursday, November 9, 2023

Clark Family

This session was squeezed into my crazy schedule right after I helped with a 24 hour charity livestream with Snider's Esports program.  In total, I had 4 hours of sleep which was split between 1 hour during the night before and a 3 hour nap during the afternoon when I got home.  I knew I could do it though so I went for it.  I was mostly able to keep myself together and work quickly as the sun set, but I definitely had moments where my mouth betrayed me.  😁😂  Thankfully this family is super cool and laughed along with (or probably mostly at) me.  I was 100% too tired to care though.  Hahaha!  The cousins were clearly enjoying their time together which was fun to capture.  

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Wager Family

 This was a very last minute mini session that we were able to fit in.  The weather was beautiful!  I can't believe how warm and pretty this fall has been!  I'm glad I have some families getting their sessions done now while this gorgeous weather lasts.  It makes me feel better about not figuring out how to fit in a day of Fall Minis into my schedule.  I am really hoping though that next year I can offer Fall Minis for the first time.  

Friday, November 3, 2023

Holiday Mini Sessions

It’s almost time for Holiday Mini Sessions! 🥳 I’m doing them a little earlier this year so my wonderful clients will have more time to get their orders before the holidays. Sessions will be on Saturday, November 18 between 8 AM to 4 PM and be $50 for a 20 minute session. I will have an outdoor setup that can accommodate families up to 7 as well as a smaller indoor setup with a queen sized bed for those wanting to show off their Holiday pajamas. You can bring your well-behaved dog(s) to join your family in the outdoor setup! If you would like to use both sets, you can purchase two back-to-back sessions for $85. Returning clients will get $5 off. ❤ 

Each session includes an online password-protected gallery for viewing and purchasing photographs (maintained for one year). Digital downloads with printing rights are available for $3 each. 

Contact me ASAP to book!  A $15 non-refundable deposit is due to book a session and is applied towards the session fee.  The remaining balance will be due at the time of your session. If you want to use both the indoor and outdoor setups, please fill out the form twice. If you have any questions, please let me know!

I hope I can be a part of making your holidays extra special this year.  💖

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Christopher Jesse

I've had the joy of photographing Christopher's family since 2015.  😊  I enjoyed going back through his brothers' newborn pictures to see what blankets, wraps, and accessories I used for them.  I actually still have much of the same stuff so that was fun to include bits from the previous sessions for Christopher's session.  Christopher's grandma who passed away a couple years ago absolutely loved Winnie the Pooh, so we made sure to honor her memory by including Pooh and Piglet.  💗

I think Christopher looks the most like his brother Elias, but thankfully, Christopher actually slept during his session, unlike Eli.  😅  In fact, Christopher slept so soundly his parents were getting worried about him.  😂  And right as we were wrapping up, Christopher gave us one more big smile.  Isn't he precious?!?

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Jack's 18 month Milestone

I've had the honor of photographing this family since Charlie was just 6 months old and now his younger brother, Jack, is 18 months old!  Time sure does fly!  These boys are unbelievably sweet, and I just loved watching them interact with each other.  Charlie loves climbing trees, and he's actually ridiculously good at it.  Jack likes trying to do whatever his big bro is doing, which is so cute.  Jack also decided he loved the little chair I brought and carried it around even though it was almost as big as him.  Thankfully he was cool with me taking it back.  Haha!  😅

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Grace Evelyn

This precious girl was able to make it into my studio last minute for a session, and she rocked it!  Grace was so sweet!  She was awake for bits throughout it but never got too fussy.  She wasn't a fan of me moving her so much, especially when she was so comfy, but she was quick to settle again, and we moved through almost everything I had prepared for her.  I had trouble narrowing down to my favorite pictures.  Isn't she darling??!