Thursday, September 30, 2021

afO's The Charitable Sisterhood Cast

 This cast was AWESOME!  I really loved this play so much!  I have more to say and more pictures to share, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Charlie's 2 year Milestone

Charlie is 2!!  He loves exploring, looking at barns, and seeing animals.  We did a lot of walking and for the most part, Charlie was happy to walk.  He definitely got some breaks though when being held by daddy, which he clearly loved.  😊  It's really been so fun watching Charlie grow up!  He's going to make an awesome older brother.  😉  

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Nancy's 80th Birthday Party

Nancy had a milestone birthday, and her husband Bernie managed to pull off a huge surprise party for her!  It was such a joy to see the gathering of friends and family to celebrate Nancy's 80 birthday and for them to share stories of the many ways that they have been blessed by Nancy.  The room was beautifully decorated, there was so much yummy food, and all of the details were carefully planned for this to be a wonderful surprise.  Happy Birthday Nancy!  💗

Saturday, August 21, 2021

afO's The Charitable Sisterhood Promos

I'm really, really looking forward to seeing this play!  I don't really know anything except what is on their website which says,  "flooded roads and washed-out bridges can’t keep the dedicated ladies of the Charitable Sisterhood away from the church where they’re sorting a mountain of donations for a relief effort. Meet Bea, the pastor’s wife; Lorraine, tireless mother of 9; Tina, a transplanted Yankee; and Janet, a new arrival. One woman’s trash is truly another’s treasure, and that pile of donated goods yields some surprising–and hilarious–results.  A side-splitting comedy with a serious lining, this feel-good area premiere is not to be missed. RATED PG-13 FOR THEMES"

You can buy tickets from their website at:

Friday, August 13, 2021

Theodore Elliot

I felt like I had to wait for a long time before I could get Theodore into my studio.  His mommy expected he'd be super early like her other two kids, but he seemed happy to stay a while longer.  😂  By the time he finally came, they had a birthday and anniversary to celebrate too.  But Teddy's session was worth the wait!  I had so much trouble narrowing down the pictures because Teddy was the perfect little guy!  He slept well and was so fun to work with.  We obviously had to include teddy bears.  😁  Also, I gotta say that I'm pretty dang proud of myself for capturing that last picture.  Doesn't he have the sweetest smile?!  Also I love his dark spiky hair!!  😍

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Gwynevere Rose

My beautiful niece made a slightly early appearance, but she's beautiful and healthy!  By arriving a week early, she kind of threw off the carefully made plans of where she was supposed to fit in the schedule with my brother's second hip surgery and recovery time.  But everything worked out.  😊

Gwynevere is growing up in a busy household as the youngest of 5 kids, but she is adored, especially by her older sister Eowyn who has waited MANY years for a sister.  When Gwyn realized she was getting her pictures taken, she didn't want to sleep!  But we got her settled down again and she was quite happy.  I love her little smile in the last picture!  😊

Monday, June 14, 2021

Abigail's Cake Smash

 This BEAUTIFUL cake was made by Bree Johnson!  I really enjoyed working with her on this cake and was confident that she could take my jumble of words and sample pictures and turn it into something amazing!  I also will admit that I kept a slice and it was SO yummy!!  I had so much fun putting together this session with the theme and colors!

I can't believe Abigail is a year old already!  She was ridiculously easy to work with!  She went right for the cake and ate it without making much of a mess at all.  She even grabbed the crown from on top and decided to give it a taste.  She was all smiles, especially when her daddy walked in.  At the end, we let her big sisters join in for some cake.  Aren't they all so adorable?!  😍