Thursday, July 20, 2023

Jack's 18 month Milestone

I've had the honor of photographing this family since Charlie was just 6 months old and now his younger brother, Jack, is 18 months old!  Time sure does fly!  These boys are unbelievably sweet, and I just loved watching them interact with each other.  Charlie loves climbing trees, and he's actually ridiculously good at it.  Jack likes trying to do whatever his big bro is doing, which is so cute.  Jack also decided he loved the little chair I brought and carried it around even though it was almost as big as him.  Thankfully he was cool with me taking it back.  Haha!  😅

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Grace Evelyn

This precious girl was able to make it into my studio last minute for a session, and she rocked it!  Grace was so sweet!  She was awake for bits throughout it but never got too fussy.  She wasn't a fan of me moving her so much, especially when she was so comfy, but she was quick to settle again, and we moved through almost everything I had prepared for her.  I had trouble narrowing down to my favorite pictures.  Isn't she darling??!