Thursday, January 25, 2024

Aspen Faith

Despite sickness and bad weather, we were able to get this precious little girl into the studio.  Aspen started out asleep but then woke up and wanted to see everything.  She gave me such sweet smiles and maybe a couple ornery grins too.  😅  She didn't really like being contained in the wraps and seemed happier with her feet left out so she could stretch.  But after she got her belly full, she succumbed to the warmth and the wraps and fell into a nice, deep sleep.  The little shower set is what did her in.  She was just too comfy to stay awake any longer.

I photographed Aspen's brother a couple of years ago.  When I have a returning family, I always check to see what blankets, wraps, and props I had previously used to see if I can incorporate any of those into the new session.  I was pleased that even though the colors we used with Aspen are different than what we used with her brother, I was still able to incorporate many of the same blankets and baskets.  😊