Monday, April 28, 2014

Alene - Newborn

I got to photograph my tiny little niece last Friday! She was sleepy, but not enough to stay asleep. She sometimes flinched at the sound of the camera’s shutter. 

I started by placing her in a basket. I couldn’t believe how easily she fit in such a small space! And no matter how contorted her body was, she always looked so comfortable. 

After a bit of that, I laid her on the floor to stretch out. 

Big yawn!! :)

At this point, she had no trouble staying awake.

Then she noticed the shiny beads. That kept her attention for a bit, but after being awake for long enough, she decided that she was done with me and wanted to eat instead. :)

Isn't she so precious?!?! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Alene Nicole - birth

My beautiful little niece arrived two weeks early!! She was born early yesterday morning! She weighs 7 pounds and is 19 inches long. :)

The cousins meeting for the first time!

Grandma drove from Chicago to see her first grandchild.

Melanie wasn’t planning on a natural birth, but Alene came so fast there wasn’t time for any normal procedures.

Grandpa held her for the first time, while Josiah waved to his cousin.

She briefly opened her eyes to look up at Grandpa before dozing off to sleep again.

First family picture!! Don’t they make an adorable family?!?

She has pretty blue eyes. :)

She is so tiny!!

I took these while I was holding her. She started crying when she realized that I wasn't her mother. :)

Congratulations David and Melanie! I hope she was the best anniversary gift for you two! :)