Monday, September 30, 2019

afO's Sherlock Holmes and the 1st Baker Street Irregular Cast

This cast did a wonderful job doing this awesome show!  I really enjoyed each character and the story so much!  I'll be posting my favorite pictures from the show soon!  😊

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Emmalyn's Cake Smash

I love doing Cake Smash Sessions!  I also really enjoyed this ladybug theme!  This awesome cake was made by The Hopeful Epicurean.  This session was the final one for the Year of Growth Package and as part of the package deal, it was FREE!  I am actually running a special deal on Cake Smash Sessions.  Right now, you can get this for only $100!  This special session is for a baby's first birthday and is up to 1 hour at my studio.  The cake is included as well as a coupon for 3 free digital downloads from the private online gallery.  A $25 non-refundable deposit is due to book a session and is applied towards the session fee.

Emmalyn has been such a joy to photograph this past year!  She is so expressive, and she LOVES to clap along with songs which is absolutely adorable.  She's seriously just so sweet!  She was fairly easily bribed to eat the cake by sticking her favorite snack to it.  Once she started eating it, she quickly got herself messy and then was ready to be done.  😂

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Arthur at 6 months

This sweet boy is 6 months old now!  I can't believe how quickly that went by!  He was clearly much more active for this session than he was for his newborn session.  😄  Arthur loved to smile for me as long as he could see my face.  Once the camera blocked my face, his smiles disappeared.  Hahaha!  But seriously, that blond hair and those blues eyes melt me!  He is SUCH a snuggle bug, and I may have spent more time snuggling with him that actually taking pictures.  😂

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Gould Family

The Gould family was so fun to photograph!  This group is predominantly guys, but there are some lovely ladies as well.  😊  This session was going to happen last year, but we decided to wait for little Henry to make his appearance.  😍  The whole time we were outside, the weather was on the verge of raining, but other than some sprinkling, we were able to stay dry.  I'm so glad we were able to make this happen!  💗

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Nora at 6 months

Nora came in the studio for a super fast Milestone session, and she did great!  She's a very happy little girl who is already 6 months old!  She also seems to have a gift for looking at the camera which makes her super easy to photograph!  She was happy to play with her toes when she was laying on the ground.  She wasn't so happy when I rolled her onto her tummy, but she is still so cute!  😊