Thursday, September 14, 2023

Christopher Jesse

I've had the joy of photographing Christopher's family since 2015.  😊  I enjoyed going back through his brothers' newborn pictures to see what blankets, wraps, and accessories I used for them.  I actually still have much of the same stuff so that was fun to include bits from the previous sessions for Christopher's session.  Christopher's grandma who passed away a couple years ago absolutely loved Winnie the Pooh, so we made sure to honor her memory by including Pooh and Piglet.  💗

I think Christopher looks the most like his brother Elias, but thankfully, Christopher actually slept during his session, unlike Eli.  😅  In fact, Christopher slept so soundly his parents were getting worried about him.  😂  And right as we were wrapping up, Christopher gave us one more big smile.  Isn't he precious?!?