Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tarcil's eBooks

Tarcil currently has 3 eBooks that you can buy! Each eBook is filled with colorful photographs and stories of Tarcil as he portrays a variety of fun characters! You can purchase these eBooks on Amazon!

Tales of Tarcil: Costume Edition

This was published in early April 2015 in a printed form. It is now available as a eBook for $2.99 on Amazon! :) This is a full color book of Tarcil in various costumes and includes a little description of each!

Tales of Tarcil: Costume Edition 2

This eBook was published in February 2016! You don't want to miss the sequel to the original costume book! This eBook is even better than the first with 40 pages of Tarcil in adorable handmade costumes! Read the stories of each character he dressed up as! You can purchase this eBook for $3.49 on Amazon! :)

Tales of Tarcil: Tarcil and Penny

This eBook is brand new!  Inside you will find exclusive pictures of Tarcil and Penny together that aren't posted anywhere else!  The interesting story of them meeting and their crazy friendship is written among numerous photographs of them together.  This eBook is over 50 pages and is now available for $4.99 on Amazon!  :)