Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jon and Mallory's Wedding

I am so glad that it worked out for me to do this wedding!  I have know Mallory for a while, but we haven't had much contact the last few years.  So I was fairly surprised when she contacted me asking if I was available to take her wedding pictures the following month.  I knew that I already had a busy weekend scheduled, but I knew that Mallory had clearly had a rough time getting a photographer, so I didn't want to let her down when she was already almost out of time.  So I said yes!

The wedding party included a lot of people that I used to hang out with a lot as well as some people I still see all the time!  I also found out that the groom's parents knew my grandma and my parents quite well which was very interesting!  We had a lot of fun doing the group pictures!

The wedding ceremony was so beautiful!  I loved the emphasis there was on God's love displayed through their marriage.

Mallory and Jon's dads are both Pastors, and so they both helped with the ceremony.

The reception was simple and classy.  I loved being able to get pictures at different levels of the building.

This was such a wonderful and beautiful day despite the frigid temperatures!  I felt so honored that I got to witness this special union!  Congratulations Jon and Mallory!