Thursday, October 31, 2013

Promise at 6 months

So if you read the previous post, you know that I had some trouble with Promise during this photo session.  However, despite the tears, I managed to capture some truly precious moments with this beautiful niece of mine.  The top picture shows the best smile I was able to get from her the whole time I was with her.  The middle picture shows one of the only times I capture her without her finger in her mouth.  (She sure loves sucking on her chubby little fingers!!)  And the last picture was taken when we finally went inside and had nearly given up on Promise doing anything other than crying.  I am glad I didn't give up, because there is something that is immensely captivating about her deep, big blue eyes.  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Promise at 6 months - Behind the Scenes

This is what happens when you try to do a photo session with a baby who is 6 months old and teething.  Hahaha.  But really, there was lots of crying and not a lot of picture taking.  So eventually I decided that I should go ahead and take pictures of Promise even when she was crying.  And I think that was a good decision.  I mean, the girl is adorable when she cries!!  So I hope you enjoy these as well as the other pictures from this photo session that will be coming to this blog soon....  :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013


This is Michaela's sister, Hannah, who I photographed that same day for the same reason (but they are not twins!)  I loved working with Hannah!  She is a natural model!  She fell into the poses I wanted with basically no direction!  She had specifically asked to find a way to incorporate music into her photos because music is a big part of who she is.  So that is what we did, and I have to say, I love the results!

Friday, October 18, 2013


This is a group of pictures from my senior photo sessions with this lovely young woman.  I have known her and her sister for many years and it was such a privilege to have the opportunity to capture this wonderful time in their lives!  The weather was beautiful!  It looks like that was the last warm, sunny day we will have this year as we get closer and closer to winter.  
I loved working with Michaela because she was totally willing to do pretty much whatever I asked her to do.  She climbed into trees, jumped over walls, and got down in the wet grass.  I had such a blast and I think she did too.  :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013


This is a picture of my Grandma who passed away a week and a half ago.  She was 94 years old.  I took this picture a couple years ago when I was engaged to be married.  I wanted to hear her story of her wedding day as I prepared for my own.  I got out her wedding album and showed it to her.  I explained to her that I was getting married in a few short months and wanted to know what she remembered of her special day.  I asked her some simple questions to get started, and then I just let her talk.  I was somewhat surprised by some of the things she remembered.  She held onto some really obscure details.  And yet there were some things that I couldn't believe she had forgotten.  It was interesting to get a different perspective on what so many people claim to be the best day of their lives.  It was also humbling to hear the various different things she made herself in order to save money.  In today's world, money is spent so frivioulsy under the idea that this is a "once in a lifetime opportunity" , though more often than not, it isn't as so many people get divorced and remarried.  My Grandma only married once and remained faithful to her husband until she was widowed nearly 20 years ago.  I hope that when I die, I will be half the woman my dear Grandma was.

These flowers are just a sample of the beautiful flower arrangements we recieved for my Grandma's Memorial service from the funeral home and many wonderful friends.  She was loved by so many and will be missed.