Saturday, June 13, 2015

Isla Grace

This is Isla Grace, my new niece.  Maybe I am too biased to say this, but I think she is stunningly beautiful!!!

I love her little smirk!

She was awake for most of our photo session.  She seemed too enthralled by me and my camera to just close her eyes and fall asleep.  I was seriously impressed with how much she would look straight at me from time to time.

She loved the faux fur blankets we laid her in!

She eventually went to sleep and slept quite soundly for the rest of our time together.  I was able to move her around without disrupting her.

I am SO happy that I was able to spend time capturing Isla in this fleeting stage of life.  She won't stay this small forever, but I am sure she will always be just as precious and beautiful!!  :)