Sunday, February 24, 2013


This is my beautiful twin sister, Sarah, who has been subjected to modeling for me on many occasions. She has put up with my tired-less urge for perfection no matter what the conditions. She is such a blessing to me! :)

All of these pictures were taken to fulfill assignments I had in my classes and some of them were also entered into contests or put on display at various different locations.

This last picture was actually a mistake (flash didn't fire as expect), but the results were too beautiful.  This picture has been hung in the hallway of IPFW when I attended there as well as a couple other places.  

Starting A Blog

I am just starting this blog for the first time.  I want to use this as a place to post pictures (both new and old) and to put some explanation behind the photographs you see on here as well as on my site.  So I thought I would start with this photograph.  I think this is my current favorite of what I have.  This picture is from a series of photographs that make up my largest project I have done thus far.  It was done when I was a senior in college and it was a requirement in order to graduate.  I spent over a year on this one project from conception to the opening of the show.   I named this project "Portraits of Life" because I wanted to capture the beauty and essence of life, specifically in children, that is all too often lost and never given a chance through abortions.  And thus my project and therefore these beautiful images were quickly surrounded with controversy and hate.  My project is no longer on display as the entire piece it was meant to be, but the remnants of it remain here and there throughout my website and on my business cards.  The center piece of the project was a 4 ft x 4 ft QR code that is made up of over 1,000 images just like the one I posted here.  It is currently hanging about my couch where I see it every day and am reminded of the beauty and value of life.  I hope that some of the images I post on here will also help you remember this precious gift from God that is our lives.

This is little Evie from my project "Portraits of Life".

I had the privilege of including my niece, Eowyn, in my project.  If you can't tell from this picture, she has a bit of an attitude. :)