Thursday, April 15, 2021

Stauss Family

I can't believe how grown up Colin and Alene are!  Aren't they so sweet?!?!  We managed to fit this session in right before they were leaving to take a much need spring break vacation.  We were a little early for the tulips to be blooming, but we still saw pretty flowers scattered about.  It was also a little chilly in the shade, but we got through this mini session with coats and blankets between pictures.  😁

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Charlie's 18 Month Milestone

Charlie is turning into the cutest little red head!  He had so much fun exploring and running around.  I couldn't believe we actually had the place to ourselves!  It was a beautiful, slightly chilly morning with pops of yellow daffodils and purple crocuses scattered about.  Charlie had a blast doing his own little Easter Egg hunt.  Although he seemed to have a bit more fun spreading them around than gathering them up.  Haha!  He's such a sweet little guy!  And he actually loved his bunny ears and didn't want to take them off which was too cute!