Monday, February 18, 2019

Amber's Maternity Session

On this slightly snowy day, I'm finally getting a chance to post pictures of this gorgeous Mama who braved the cold for me!  😍  Getting snowy pictures is obviously tricky because we were tied to the whims of Indiana weather.  We had gotten a lot of snow over that weekend, but it was supposed to be very, very cold the following week except for this one day.  I figured that was our best chance, so all the arrangements were made.  Of course, being Indiana, the forecast changed a bit and while yes, we had the snow we wanted while being a bit warmer, the wind picked up... and it started raining as soon as we started.  😒  But we persevered and I have to say, I'm quite happy with the results.  😊

Congratulations Amber!  Thank you for being so awesome!  I can't wait to meet your little boy!  ❤

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