Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Promise at 9 months - Behind the Scenes

Whenever I take pictures of children this young, there are inevitably some “outtakes”. These are some of the best ones that I thought were still worth sharing. So enjoy getting the “behind the scenes” view of what it is like photographing my adorable niece. :)

Right of the bat, Promise was distracted by my cat, Penny, who felt the need to walk all around us without getting close enough that Promise could even try to touch her. Let me tell you, it is hard to get a baby’s attention when you are competing with a cat (especially one as cute as Penny)!

And then we introduced props. This obviously meant a taste test must be done immediately.

When she decided that the prop tasted funny, she of course wanted nothing to do with it.

She was thoughtful enough to try to give the prop back to me, since she clearly had no use for it.

So we took a different approach with a new prop that we kept out of her reach. However, she was then distracted by the buttons on her shirt. She LOVES buttons!

By this point, she started yawning. Clearly, this photoshoot was sapping the energy right out of her. :)

And so logically, she plopped down on the ground.

We tried to give her the props to just play with, but of course Penny was distracting her. She decided she wasn't interested in props anymore when there was a kitty so close.

This was clearly too much for her to handle. She began to fuss a little.

Life can be so difficult for someone so small. :)

So there you have it. This is a typical photo shoot for me. I couldn't resist getting a few photos of Promise when she wasn't smiling or even looking at the camera. I personally think that she is so cute all the time that sometimes these pictures tell a better story than the perfectly posed pictures where she is all smiles. I hope you all enjoyed this behind the scenes! And the “perfectly posed pictures where she is all smiles” will be posted soon!! :)

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