Monday, September 17, 2018

afO's Bentley Promos

All for One's 2018/2019 season is starting THIS WEEKEND with the opening of a world-premiere called Bentley. I can't wait to see this! I shot these promo pictures for the show which only left me more intrigued to see the production! More info at the end of this post or by going to:

Another world-premiere comedy from the creative mind of local writer/actor Michael Wilhelm (Turtle Soup)! A reality TV family’s ratings stunt results in employing a homeless man as their new butler! (If that sounds vaguely like the plot of a famous 1930s screwball comedy…it is.) Bentley begins to quietly show the Carvers that there is more to life than facelifts, blog trolling, shoe-buying and gossip. But what secrets is our man Bentley hiding behind his tuxedo? And what will he discover about himself in the process? Rated G, but recommended for middle school and up.

You can purchase tickets here:

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