Wednesday, February 26, 2020

afO's Ruth2

Here are some of my favorite photos from these two shows!  Enjoy!

I'm sure it wasn't easy to do two plays on one stage with only a 15 minute intermission between them to set the stage for the next one. The end result is that there are less props and backdrops, but that all of them are very intentional. I really enjoyed everything they did!

This concert musical by Alan Governor is based on a real series of concerts he produced in Paris in the 1980s. This two-character play is a tour-de-force for a powerful black female Gospel singer and a white middle-aged cowboy. Packed with both foot-stomping and soul-stirring songs, this piece also finds time to quietly explore race relations. John Burris is “sure he has nothin’ against black folks.” Osceola Mays’ gentle but persistent questions cause them both to consider how they view those who are different from themselves. RATED G

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