Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Nora's First Birthday

I have had SO much fun photographing my niece this past year!  I can't believe she's a year old already!  She looks SO much like her sisters and she's such a happy girl.  My sister and I threw a lot of ideas around when we were planning this shoot.  We knew pretty early on that we wanted to do something different than a traditional cake for this "Cake Smash" session.  I distinctly remember the conversation after we had decided to do a strawberry theme when my sister said she really wanted to do cantaloupe instead.  I'll admit I was a bit frustrated because I didn't know how to pull off this new idea and make it look good.  After more talking and a huge amount of "winging it", we had a beautiful spread with pretty decorations that was better than either of us imagined.  Yay for teamwork!  This is seriously one of my favorite shoots I've done in my studio!  I love the vibrant colors with the grey and white.  😍

I discovered that Nora LOVES lemons.  She wasn't too interested in the watermelon or cantaloupe, but she did try everything.  We were able to do this entire shoot in like 30 minutes, including the outfit change, setting up the fruit spread, and cleaning up.  My twin sister and I make a really good team.  😊

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