Monday, June 14, 2021

Abigail's Cake Smash

 This BEAUTIFUL cake was made by Bree Johnson!  I really enjoyed working with her on this cake and was confident that she could take my jumble of words and sample pictures and turn it into something amazing!  I also will admit that I kept a slice and it was SO yummy!!  I had so much fun putting together this session with the theme and colors!

I can't believe Abigail is a year old already!  She was ridiculously easy to work with!  She went right for the cake and ate it without making much of a mess at all.  She even grabbed the crown from on top and decided to give it a taste.  She was all smiles, especially when her daddy walked in.  At the end, we let her big sisters join in for some cake.  Aren't they all so adorable?!  😍

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