Saturday, December 30, 2023

Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of my 2023 clients!  It's been such a fun year!  I truly hope that my photographs can be a blessing to you and your families for generations to come.  💗

Joe and I always test out the sets I do for the Holiday Mini Sessions.  We kept trading who had which cat because the cats would be perfect for me, but Joe couldn't get them to hold still or look anything but super annoyed.  Which picture is your favorite??  I can't decide between #2 or #4.  Also, I'd like to point out that Joe had two hands to use for cat wrangling and I only had one as I used my cell phone as the camera remote, but I still managed to get each cat to look at the camera.  Haha!!  I then proceeded to try to get a cute one of just Kira and Arien but they were refusing to sit together.  I finally managed to get a picture of them together and called it good enough.  They were so annoyed with us by the time we were done.  😂

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