Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vintage Clothing - Behind the Scenes

I got to do a very unique session yesterday with my niece.  My mother had a handful of dresses that belonged to her when she was just a baby.  Some of the dresses were handmade.  They were all very old, thin and delicate, but yet they had some immense detailing.  Promise did pretty good at first, but when we put her in the fifth dress, she promptly grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth.  She also spit-up in one of the dresses.  After we were done with the vintage dresses, we put Promise in her brand new Christmas dress that was a present from my mom to her.  By this point in the photo shoot, Promise was getting tired of being treated like a doll and was getting fussy.  My sister thought some Christmas lights would calm her down and look nice with her dress.  So I found some lights for her to hold.  Surprisingly, the lights worked like an “off switch”; Promise instantly quit fussing and because enthralled by the lights.  And then she proceeded to stick them in her mouth.  The lights were a little warm, which is the reason for her expression in the pictures.   :)

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