Monday, December 16, 2013

William and Samatha

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph these two adorable children as a Christmas surprise for their parents.  I had their nanny to thank in coming up with the idea, setting it up, and finding the perfect location: the beautiful Botanical Conservatory.  William and Samantha had a blast running around, smelling the flowers, and occasionally posing for pictures.  :)  I was surprised at the amount of energy these two had and very pleased that I still managed to capture some of their inner beauty.  Samantha was especially excited for this photo session because she got to get all dressed up and “done up”!  She was overflowing with the cutest phrases and the most dramatic expressions.  And William seemed to suddenly get shy whenever the camera was pointed his way.  But I managed to get him to relax and forget about the camera when I asked him to tell me about his cat.  That is when I caught the picture of him adjusting the hat on his head.  I am so thankful that I got the chance to spend time with these precious little kids.  They were so much fun!!  :)

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