Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Picking Fabrics

So I wanted to spend some time focusing on some of the DIY projects that I have done for my photography business.  Photography can be a difficult business to make money in due to all the competition, so many photographers try to find ways to cut expenses.  For me, it is a mixture of wanting to save money and loving the process of making things.  So when I decided to make my own newborn wraps, the first step was picking the right fabrics.  I knew I wanted cheesecloth because it is a classic that is in high demand, but I also didn't want to just do what everyone else is doing.  I started by buying higher grade cheesecloth than what is commonly available.  I also bought lace and two different types of knit fabrics.  I know this looks like I must have spent a fortune on fabrics, but the knit fabrics were on sale for $1/yd.  Tomorrow I will share about my process from making these white fabrics into a beautiful array of colors!  :)

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