Saturday, October 6, 2018

Evelyn's Cake Smash

This cake smash session was actually the first session done in the new studio!  I felt a little weird starting out with something potentially so messy, but I also figured cake should always be a part of new beginnings, so in a way, it was the perfect session to celebrate the opening of the studio.  😊

I was so excited to photograph Evelyn again!  Isn't she SO adorable??!!?  She took some convincing to actually eat the cake.  At first she just wanted to play with the icing, but with some help from her mom, she was easily convinced to dig in.  She consistently traded back and forth between her hands the whole time.  She also stopped eating the cake when she noticed she had clumps of icing on her dress so that she could carefully clean herself up.  In the end, we barely had any cleaning up to do!

Please join me in wishing Evelyn a very happy birthday!!  ❤

This pretty pink cake was made by The Hopeful Epicurean!  You check her out by going to:

If you want to see how much Evelyn has grown in a year, make sure to check out her newborn pictures by going to: 

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