Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Jon's Senior Session

I was relieved that the weather cooled down a bit for this senior session.  I've known Jon for a long time, and I will say, he definitely wasn't always this cool and calm.  😂  But seriously, back when I was supposed to keep him in line (as he was a very squirrely middle schooler in those days), I often got myself in trouble for laughing at his comments and jokes instead of encouraging him to be quiet.  Although I will say, there were times when I don't think he wasn't trying to be funny but I thought he was hilarious, and I hoped he understood that I wasn't laughing at him.  Anyways, I'm proud of how he's grown up and matured as he's accepted this new stage in life called, "I guess I'm an adult now??".  😅

Congratulations Jonny!  Also, in case I haven't told you before, the beard suits you.  😊


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