Monday, June 9, 2014


This was an especially difficult photo shoot for me because I have known Josh for basically his whole life, and it is so hard for me to accept that he is graduating! I had SO much fun taking his pictures! We started out at the beautiful Botanical Conservatory. We stopped in the butterfly area first, but unfortunately, none of the butterflies would get close to Josh. (I had one land on the back of my leg!) So we moved along to explore everything else. We had so much fun in the first room. We took a lot of pictures at the top of the waterfall because it was just so awesome being so high up! He told me it is his favorite place in the gardens and I would say it’s mine too. :)

We went through every room in the Conservatory and they kept getting progressively hotter, so we didn’t spend very long in the dessert room which is the last room. We only went into the entrance of the room to get this shot. :)

We left the Conservatory as they were closing and headed to South Side High School which is where Josh will be graduating from on Saturday!! I was very impressed with the architecture of the building. It has so much character in the pillars, the bricks, the ivy, and the fountain with the quote inscribed above it. I wanted to capture the beauty and the history of this great school so that Josh could always remember it. 

As we were getting close to finishing up our photo shoot, Josh wanted the last pictures to be of him in his cap, gown, and cords. I think that is probably when it really sunk in for me that this guy is graduating!! I will always remember when I used to be taller than him, and I will never forget those two or three months when he suddenly became half a foot taller than me. :) I highly doubt that I will ever witness anyone else have such a dramatic growth spurt in such a very short amount of time! 

Josh, I am SOOOOO PROUD of you!! It was such a joy and an honor for me to take your senior pictures!! 

Congratulations Josh!! :)

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