Tuesday, October 21, 2014

afO's Interval

I am late posting these, but I was able to photography another wonderful all for One play! This was the production ofInterval. The entire play revolved around a string of conversations between two people, Lenore and Alan, who accidentally met in a secluded part of Central Park in New York. They continue to meet weekly over the span of many months. During this time, a murder occurs at Lenore’s work. Alan and Lenore discuss the investigation surrounding the murder case, when another murder occurs. What started as silly speculation turns to thoughtful exploration as Lenore and Alan continue their conversations.

This performance used just two actors, Sam and Sara Ward (who are actually married in real life).

I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of comedy and mystery that runs throughout this play. It was so intriguing that I found myself getting too caught up in the story and forgetting to take pictures. :)

All for One’s production of A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas is coming up soon! You won’t want to miss it! For more info, check out http://allforonefw.wordpress.com/

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