Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I had SOOOOO MUCH FUN with Eliana!! Granted, we both about died multiple times during the photo shoot, but that’s fine!! :) (There was that one time when we were walking through really tall grass behind a fallen-down barn when I put my foot down and heard a distinct hiss. I just moved my foot, and we both pretended we didn’t hear anything while I worked as quickly as possible so we could get out of there.)

Elaina had a natural sense for what I was going for, so some of my favorite pictures were when I were tell her where to stand and then tell her to look at me, and that’s when I would snap the picture. It was when she wasn’t yet expecting it, but that is when I was able to capture her natural beauty more so than if I directed her every move.

Eliana was such a trooper for putting up with the bugs. So many bugs… We both nearly got eaten alive. She was so good at ignoring them and holding a pose while I practically dropped my camera to swat at them.

I was so thankful for her patience as I quickly had to recompose pictures in my head when it became clear to me that the location and the weather weren’t going to provide for me what I had originally planned. And she put up with me every time I said, “okay I am good now” only to turn around five seconds later and say, “wait! Can we try this?!”

So, thank you Eliana for putting up with all of my shenanigans! :)

PS.... You are BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

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