Monday, August 11, 2014

Logan and Landon

Friday, I got the privilege of meeting these adorable newborn twins, Logan and Landon! I had so much fun taking pictures of them! They are identical twins, and they were born on July 24! Logan is about 2 pounds bigger than Landon which was mostly only noticeable when they were side by side. 

I was initially planning on getting most of the pictures of them together. I had never photographed newborn twins before, so I was just going to try a couple of things and see what would work and what wouldn't work. I quickly realized that I wasn't going to get them both happy at the same time. Logan was fussy, so he got to eat while I focused on getting pictures of Landon by himself. It didn't take long to realize that Landon didn't want to sleep. He fought going to sleep for so long!! Even though he was awake, he stayed very quiet and mostly just wiggled. :) 

The hat was too big for him, but I couldn't resist using it anyways because he looked too cute in it!! (Thanks Vicci for making these adorable hats!! If you would like a hat or one of her amazing stuffed animals, check out her website or etsy store

When Logan was happy, we added him in, and I tried getting pictures of them together again. This time Landon got fussy, so he ate while I got pictures of Logan by himself. 

After a bit, we tried again to get them together, but they still wouldn't have it for very long. I was able to get this cute shot of them together. :)

We spent some time changing diapers and feeding them again. And then when it was time to get them back into position, I realized that part of the problem could have been that they didn't want to be on the floor. I decided to try sticking them both into a basket since they each seemed to like that for their individual pictures. My idea worked perfectly!! They were both so comfortable that they fell fast asleep, and I was able to move them around to almost any position I wanted them in. (I have no idea how they slept in some of those positions, but they really didn't mind) :)

Since there are two of them, it took longer to get through the pictures. There were more diapers to change and feedings to be had. But, since there are two of them, I almost always could cuddle with one while the other was being cared for, so I didn't even notice how much time had passed! :)

I had a lot of fun arranging them and seeing what I could get them to do. I especially liked being able to make them hold hands. :) I am sure that at some point in their futures, they won't like seeing these pictures of them snuggling so close together, but I couldn't resist. :) And from being a twin myself, I can say that there is no other friendship like the one that twins share. Sure we fight, but we forgive and forget faster than most any other siblings do. :)

All in all, I had SO much fun working with them!! They barely cried, but I have to say that after spending a few hours with them, I noticed that Logan is a loud sleeper and Landon is a little wiggler. :) 

I am excited to see them grow up and see the ways that they are alike and also all the ways they become unique individuals! I know that when I was younger, I wanted to be exactly like my twin sister. But as I got older, I had to realize and understand that I was unique and I had a lot to offer that only I could offer as a unique individual. 

Landon is on the left and Logan is on the right. :)

Aren't these two so precious!! It was such a blessing to me to get to photograph and cuddle with these two awesome little guys!! :) Congratulations Scott and Barb!! :)

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