Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ethan and Mary's Wedding

I am so glad that I was available for Ethan and Mary’s wedding because it gave me a wonderful opportunity to photograph and experience this beautifully unique wedding!!! I received an email just a couple weeks before their wedding stating that they were still looking for a photographer, and I was basically their last shot in the dark. They had gotten my name from a mutual friend. We met for the first time two days before the wedding. I instantly thought that they were both really neat, relaxed people, and I was so excited to get to know them better and to be a part of this very special day!! 

When I arrived at the house on Saturday, I don’t think that I was prepared for the awesomeness that I was about to witness! The amount of detail and thought that they had put into their decorations and cake were unbelievable and truly unique! I have been to lots of weddings, but I had never seen any couple break away from “traditions” in such a distinctive and beautiful way! Each centerpiece was a different tribute to a piece of literature. These pictures show just a little of the awesome decorations!

The wedding party was a very fun group of people made up of friends and siblings. Although it was sometimes tricky to get all of them within the frame of the camera, I really enjoyed working with them! 

Moments before the ceremony was to start, I caught Grandpa talking with the Groom, Ethan. I didn’t listen to what was being said, but I can only assume it was words of wisdom. 

The flower girl seemed to have a way of stealing everyone’s attention. She was absolutely adorable, and she definitely loved the attention! It was always interesting trying to get pictures of her because she generally would make silly faces if she saw the camera pointed at her.

Ethan and Mary wanted to keep the tradition of doing something that symbolized their new unity, but they didn’t like that the common ways of doing this were done with methods that aren’t actually creating unity. For example, they pointed out that pouring sand together could actually be separated again. So they decided that they wanted to use materials that would create a chemical reaction that couldn’t be undone and therefore be a true symbol of their new union. 

I love seeing the emotions between the bride and groom throughout the ceremony. It seems like there is always at least one point during the ceremony in which the gravity of what they are doing sinks in. For some couples, it’s the moment they first see each other, for others, it’s saying I do, and sometimes, it’s the moment the pastor announces them. I can say that for me, it was when I was saying my vows to my husband. And for Mary, I believe it was when she was placing that ring on Ethan’s finger.

I think my absolutely favorite part of a wedding is when the couple kisses! I love seeing the love and passion!! Ethan and Mary had so much pure joy on their faces! It was just one of those times when everyone was smiling and happy! 

These are some of my favorite pictures that really capture the beauty and emotions of such a glorious day!! :)

Congratulations Ethan and Mary! I pray that God blesses you with many years together!! Thank you for letting me be a part of this milestone in your lives!! I wish you all the best!! :)

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