Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I had the chance to photograph this wonderful family a couple weeks ago!! I will post the family pictures on here, but first I wanted to focus on some of the other pictures I got during the photo shoot. I was able to spend some time photographing each of the kids, Grace and Jacob, individually and then also together. And let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed these two kids! They are not only some amazingly cute and good looking kids, but they were both so sweet and courteous!! Thank you so much to the Curtis family for giving me a chance to meet you all, and more importantly, capture this precious time in your lives as a young family!!

So I am going to start by posting pictures of Jacob. I had so much fun photographing this little guy! He has such a sweet and innocent personality! You might not be able to tell from these pictures, but he was actually pretty hesitant for me to take pictures of him, especially by himself. He was a little camera shy. But he didn’t seem to mind as much when he had his sister next to him. He wanted to be with her and be doing whatever she was doing. But I managed to catch a few pictures of this handsome little guy looking and smiling at me. :)

Isn’t he so cute?!?! :) I am so glad that he was willing to put up with me having a camera pointed at him. :) I think he finally warmed up to me by the end. :)

I will be posting one set from this photo shoot a day, so stay tuned for more!! :)

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