Friday, July 4, 2014

Grace and Jacob

It’s day three, so now you get to see Grace and Jacob together! These two together were just adorable!! Jacob seriously loves his sister so much, and Grace obviously loves her brother so much! It was sometimes difficult for me to get pictures of them separately because Jacob always wanted to do what she was doing. They were both so patient with me as I had them walk around to various different places in the park and sit still while I took their pictures. I knew that all they were thinking about was how excited they were to be going to the zoo after I was done the photo shoot. (I did use their excitement to my advantage to get some of these adorable expressions.)

I especially love the pictures I have of them holding hands. I asked them to stand next to each other, and this is what they did! And then there is the way Grace is looking at Jacob in the last one!! SO CUTE!!! Tomorrow I will post the family pictures!! :)

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