Thursday, July 3, 2014


Alright, it’s day two, and as promised, here are more pictures of the Curtis family! Today I am focusing on Grace. Isn't she so beautiful? As I was going through her pictures, I kept thinking that she reminds me of porcelain dolls. She has that perfect blond, wavy hair with curls at the ends, big blue eyes, and plump rosy cheeks. And she embodies her name in the way she acts and talks, even at such a young age. She was so sweet and gracious to her little brother who wanted to be in all her pictures with her. And I don’t think I have ever witnessed anything as cute as Grace was when she discovered she had gotten dirt on her white leggings. She kept pointing at the spot and saying, “Uh oh!” It was seriously so precious! :)

Check out my blog tomorrow to see pictures of Grace and Jacob together!! You won't want to miss it!! :)

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